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The Process

What to Expect

When an investor chooses a financial advisor, they deserve a relationship of collaboration and clear communication. Our team is ready to help you establish a strong, comprehensive financial strategy and craft a plan customized to you and your family's priorities.

Step 1


Our process always begins with a conversation to get to know each other. We look forward to learning about your life and what’s important to you. We discuss your investing experience, including your risk parameters and what your current portfolio looks like. We learn what money means to you and those important to you. This conversation lays the groundwork for us to craft solutions that work for you.

Step 2


Over the next two weeks, our team will study your current financial situation, comparing where you are now with where you'd like to be. We'll present an individualized investment policy statement and tailored wealth plan, committed to your goals and priorities.

Step 3


At this point, if our approach to meeting your financial goals matches your expectations, our follow-up meeting will go over expectations, action items, and set your intentional wealth management plan into motion.

Step 4


Once your wealth plan is underway, we’ll further review your new account statements, discuss any new goals or changes in your life, reassess your plan, and make any necessary adjustments with you.

Step 5


After 90 days, we’ll meet again to review your progress and address additional aspects of your wealth management plan. In providing comprehensive advice on all planning topics, we’ll coordinate with your circle of trusted professionals, including tax planners, attorneys and other specialists.

Craft your financial journey

And select a financial partner to guide you along the way.

Your First Step Is to Start the Conversation