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Why Select Us?

What It’s Like to Work with Us

As an investor, regardless of your background, life comes with a large amount of responsibility as your financial life dramatically increases in complexity.

People reach out to us for many reasons, but ultimately it's because they realize that every decision they make, including who to trust for advice, can add complexity or add clarity.

At Brockmeier Financial Services, we understand that the choices you make have a dramatic affect on your life now and down the road. Our client-based process allows you to make the most informed financial decisions, giving you freedom, comfort, and confidence

  • We're proactive and personal—and we are here when you call. 
  • Your questions or concerns are addressed quickly and clearly, with open and transparent communication.
  • Our team is experienced and made up of accredited planning specialists with genuine understanding of you and your family's goals.

Reach Out

Supporting You Through Every Season of Your Life With…

A tech-forward commitment

Purpose-driven technology enhances your client experience and helps you stay focused on your financial path. We bring you increasing support, clear and timely communication, and easy, secure access to your accounts, documents and records.

National resources, with a hometown presence

We bring you access to quality resources and expertise, delivered with the personal attention of a team who knows you and understands you goals, challenges, and aspirations. We are  positioned to help build, manage and preserve your wealth. We truly care about your long-term success.

A relationship-focused approach

Understanding you is at our core. The foundation of our process begins with a "Discovery" meeting to learn about you, your priorities, and who and what is important to you. Our process lays the groundwork of trust and confidence that our solutions and ongoing advice are always centered on your best interests.

The expertise to help your wealth reach its potential

The latest technology, extensive research and broad range of investment choices are just tools without the understanding and experience to use them effectively. We bring you the perspectives of a team with over 50+ years of financial analysis and investment guidance—and the expertise of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and CERTIFIED INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT ANALYST® (CIMA®).

How Can We Help?

If our personal approach to planning for the future matches your needs, reach out to our dedicated team to explore your next steps—with intention.

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